We feel both pleased and honoured to introduce ourselves as one of the leading ecotours and travel companies in Malawi. We at Alinafe Ecotours and Travel (AET) would like to offer you touristic and travel services here in Malawi. Our team of professionals, with a tremendous wealth of experience in tours ad travel trade, are capable of fulfilling every client’s needs while traveling with us. AET is a Tour Operator serving the tourism industry since 2021. We are one of the best and experienced Tour Operators of Malawi, we operate from Lilongwe and we know our country as you know the palm of your hand. Our main goal has been always complete client satisfaction. We only use high quality products and services, that we have been able to acquire through many years of operations and research. Remember, if you want a lifetime experience of your visit to Malawi your choice is AET, where everything is well supervised, so we can assure you only the highest quality.



To lead the operation of touristic services in Malawi through constant improvement, customer satisfaction and innovation. To be a company highly rentable with an outstanding excellence and with exemplary relations with the community, the environment and the social responsibility.


A firm commitment to customer satisfaction. We seek to always provide professional solutions and added value in all our services to exceed our client’s expectations and to achieve our partner’s goals. We want to create value and to make a difference that is why we support the sustainable and responsible tourism.


To recognize that a good service is more than a competitive price; it's a near-obsessive attention to detail that transforms a good experience into an exceptional one. We don't want to sell you a travel package; we want to understand your needs, so we can custom design a travel solution that meets your specific requirements. We look at your opportunities and challenges and design a solution customized to fit you.


The core values of AET are costumer service, loyalty and integrity, communication, innovation, quality, team work and responsibility. We offer the same level of service to all our clients. We comply with strict principles of professional conduct and ethics. Our team of professionals not only arranges Malawi travel solutions, they take a proactive approach to solve problems by making the right decisions.


    We have the commitment and the passion to satisfy our client’s needs and we manage to accomplish it.


    Our standards are high and they are reflected in all our operations.


    We make emphasis on communication (external and internal) so our representatives can fully understand the client’s needs. This principle makes us serve our clients as they deserve.


    We are committed to bring solutions and to be always a step ahead. The innovation allows finding greater benefits of the things that already exists.


    In all we do. Our true quality commitment allows us to make promises become facts, creating tangible results and benefits.


    The success is the result of working together to satisfy our client’s needs. Trust, mutual respect and enthusiasm are the angular stones of our team work.


    We are concerned in doing the right thing.



If you want to travel to Malawi your choice is Alinafe Ecotours & Travel, we invite you to enjoy all that Malawi has to offer. Walk in the rain forests, take a bath in natural hot springs waters, see turtles nesting on a protected beach, visit national parks, take a canopy through the trees or raft through exotic wilderness. We welcome you to experience the adventure of a lifetime!! Naturally, we would also be glad to design any vacation for you from scratch or modify an existing itinerary to custom made your Malawi vacation, just let us know what kind of adventure you are seeking for. Whether you are looking for an adventure, ecotourism, or romantic vacation, Malawi, with all its great natural diversity and beauty is the perfect place for you to have a dream vacation.


Malawi offers one of the world's most incredible choices of Meetings and Incentives travel venues, with something new and exciting to discover and to enjoy on every visit. Whether you're looking to create a one of a kind group experience or acknowledge individual achievement, Malawi is the perfect place to recognize your top performers, motivate employees and celebrate accomplishments. The possibilities are endless when you bring your incentive program to Malawi. AET helps you by offering meetings that are well-run, productive and create an environment most conducive to move your business forward. We provide complete program and logistics management services for any kind of group. Our incentive travel programs motivate employees to perform at their peak and help to build corporate loyalty. See how our experienced team can maximize your investments. Our mission is to provide professional support in the design and execution of exceptionally successful group travel programs from all over the world. AET Meetings & Incentives Division is a custom designer, planner and manager of quality corporate group travel programs.


Our Groups Department will take care of all your needs and expectations to make your group trip one to remember. We have been around since 2021 so our knowledge and expertise are the one you are looking for to make your trip a successful one. We will work with you in every aspect of the trip until you are satisfied with the results. AET offers the right services for the right group, a great selection of options according to the group’s interest: from birdwatchers, adventure groups, sanctuaries lovers, high school and university students, to senior citizens, community service, family vacations or just leisure groups. All of them will have a customized program and the right tour guide to make their experience a memorable one.


  • VIP greeting inside the airport
  • Greeting and meeting in the hotel or airport with our staff
  • Private transfers
  • Shuttle transfers
  • One day tours (adventure, nature, cultural), private or regular service
  • Multi day packages
  • Mini packages
  • Hotel reservations
  • Rent a car
  • Driver services
  • Groups travel
  • Honeymoons
  • Meeting and incentive groups
  • Airport tax (you have to let us know in advance)
  • Our recommendations and expertise
  • Personalized service


  1. We are a locally owned tour operator located in Malawi, with people that know Malawi.
  2. All our clients will obtain personalized and first-class service of their Malawi vacation.
  3. Our expertise and high-quality customer service will help you create the perfect Malawi vacation package.
  4. We are members of different prestigious organizations related to the travel industry.


10 Reasons to visit Malawi

  1. Peaceful and small country: Go on an authentic African trip in a peaceful and safe environment and discover the land of small distances that allows maximum experience in short time
  2. Pleasant climate: Encounter contrasted climate zones
  3. The Malawians – kind-heartedness by nature: Experience hospitality in its purest form and feel the warm heart of Africa
  4. Lake Malawi: Find serenity at one of the major lake attractions in Africa, admire the highest biodiversity of freshwater fish in the world and visit Lake Malawi National Park – an UNESCO-World Heritage Site and first freshwater National Park worldwide
  5. Big five: Be eye to eye with the Big Five far away from large tourist crowds
  6. Authentic nature experience: Discover the highest peak in Central Africa (Sapitwa, 3.002 m above sea level), enjoy the variety of landscapes, habitats and the rich biodiversity (e.g. 650 species of birds) and visit Malawi’s protected areas (9 national parks and 4 wildlife reserves)
  7. Attractive outdoor sport conditions: Be active and engage in water based (e.g. snorkelling, diving, kayaking), nature based (e.g. hiking, cycling, horse riding, bird watching) or adventure oriented (e.g. climbing, trekking, mountain biking) outdoor sport opportunities
  8. Rich cultural heritage: Visit the UNESCO World Heritage Mt. Chungoni Rock Arts and get inspired by traditional villages, arts and crafts
  9. Local delicacies: enjoy fresh fish of lake Malawi or a cup of original Malawian coffee or tea, the country is 2nd largest tea producer in Africa
  10. Popular events: participate in local events like the famous Lake of Stars Festival, the Likoma Festival (Likoma and Chisumulu islands) or the Lake Malawi International Sailing Marathon